What we're looking for

Tacten is looking for a techie fresher or fresh engineer or 0-2 years experience to be part of our development team.


  1. Fresher or fresh engineer with 0-2 years experience
  2. Hands on engineer with good Linux skills
  3. Ability to setup and deploy Free and Open Source tools like databases, web apps, BI tools like Metabase etc
  4. Fairly good understanding of Docker, Docker compose, Kubernetes basics, YAML, and other build tools
  5. Fairly good understanding of Git operations, Github Actions, CICD,
  6. Scripting in Python / Flask to quickly setup and deploy simple web interfaces
  7. Basic SRE - maintaining, managing logs, backups, etc.
  8. Collaborative and team player.

Tech Stack

  1. Programming - Python, SQL, Javascript, Jinja Template, CSS, HTML
  2. Framework - Frappe, Django, Flask
  3. Data Platforms - Mysql, Postgres, Hasura
  4. Infrastructure - Ubuntu Linux, Docker, Kubernetes



About Us

Tacten LLP is a Bangalore, India based software company, developing enterprise software products and global B2B platforms.

How to Apply